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Physiotherapist led Body Control Pilates classes in Belfast and Lisburn


‘Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness’ – Joseph Pilates

Pilates classes based in Belfast and Lisburn, by experienced Physiotherapist and Pilates teacher Lorna Briggs.

Lorna Briggs MCSP BCPA is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Body Control Pilates teacher www.bodycontrolpilates.com

Lorna graduated in 1999 from Glasgow Caledonian University with an honours degree in Physiotherapy.  She has worked since 1999 for the NHS as a Physiotherapist. 

She started practising Pilates after experiencing an episode of low back pain approximately fourteen years ago.  She now practises Pilates at an advanced level.  ‘I found how beneficial the Pilates technique was on my own body and decided to complete the training to become a Body Control Pilates teacher and I commenced teaching in January 2008’.

Lorna has completed training in beginners, intermediate and advanced mat work.  She has also training in ante and post natal Pilates.  In addition she has completed courses in standing Pilates and the use of a variety of small Pilates equipment and includes these in her Pilates classes in both Belfast and Lisburn venues.

She also has completed beginners, intermediate and advanced training in use of larger pilates equipment - reformer and cadillac and uses these during individual sessions from her home studio.


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